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The Lenape Valley Patriots Football and Cheer Program is proud to participate in the Morris County Midget Football League (MCYFL).  The MCYFL plays in Morris, Sussex and Warren Counties and is home to approximately 22 football clubs. Six padded levels of play comprise the League with over 3000 players. Our robust Flag Football Program consists of approximately 8 – 10 internal teams that play a 5 on 5 player format, all at our Home Fields.

The Lenape Valley Patriots Football & Cheer Program is open to all boys and girls in grades K-8, who reside in Byram Township, and Stanhope & Netcong Boroughs.  The Lenape Valley Patriots goal is to provide a positive youth football and cheer experience to as many children as possible while preparing them for a successful high school career. With this philosophy in mind, our organization consists of flag football and cheer for grades Kindergarten through 2nd and tackle football and cheer levels for grades 3rd through 8th.

The number of players per tackle football teams will fluctuate year to year however if enough players at the Super Peewee, Clinic or Pre-Clinic level than (2) teams will be fielded at those levels; thereby increasing playing time for all players.  Weight, Age & Grade limits exist for each of the six levels of tackle football and are assigned as follows:

Level               Age as of         Upper Weight             Equipment     Limit with

                        August 1st       Limit                            Allotment       Equipment


Pre Clinic                8             90 lbs                           7 lbs                 97 lbs

Tackle to Tackle -                    93 lbs                           7 lbs                 100 lbs


Clinic                      9             100 lbs                         7 lbs                 107 lbs

Tackle to Tackle-                     104 lbs                         7 lbs                 111 lbs


Super Pee Wee       10           111 lbs                         7 lbs                 118 lbs

Tackle to Tackle-                     116 lbs                         7 lbs                 123 lbs


Pee Wee                  11         123 lbs                          8 lbs                 131 lbs

Tackle to Tackle-                     131 lbs                         8 lbs                 139 lbs


Junior Varsity          12         138 lbs                         9 lbs                 147 lbs

Tackle to Tackle-                     147 lbs                         9 lbs                 156 lbs


Varsity                     13-14     161 lbs                         10 lbs               171 lbs

Tackle to Tackle-                     171 lbs                         10 lbs               181 lbs

*** Cannot turn 15 before November 15th



Weight Increases for Lower Levels

  • 1 pound growth weight for 3-4 weeks

  • Additional 1 pound for weeks 5-6 weeks

  • Additional 1 pound for weeks 7-8 weeks

  • Additional 1 pound for weeks 9-10 weeks


Weight Increases for Upper Levels

  • 1 pound growth weight each week for weeks 3-7

  • Additional 1 pound for weeks 8 and 9 and through playoffs


MCYFL By-laws (2014) – Applicable to PeeWee, Junior Varsity and Varsity Divisions
…Each team may be allowed to play only two (2) of these players at a time and only on plays from scrimmage and only from Tackle to Tackle. These players will not be allowed to play on kick-off or kick-receiving…
…These players shall be identified by transverse stripping of no less than 1 inch wide running from ear hole to ear hole on the back side of the helmet…


 *Junior Varisty players are traditionally 7th graders however younger players have "played-up" on a case-by-case basis due to weight.  8th graders are only allowed to play at the Junior Varsity level if they weigh-in under 110lbs. These players will need to be approved by the Football Director before the start of the season.

 The Lenape Valley Patriots Football and Cheer Program will begin practice the first week of August for the tackle levels and the third week of August for the flag levels.